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Graduation Party Ideas

High School Party Ideas is the most important and special day for the students. Graduation High School Party Ideas parties are the all about beautiful memories about Hight School Party Ideas and when it comes to decorations about High School Party Ideas Some of the best and awesome graduation party ideas are those to make the special day. And now I am sharing some suggestion for your  High School Party Ideas decoration Party Ideas For Graduation.

High School Party Ideas

high school party ideas

Make a Photo Memory Board

You collect old pics group members and other friends. Then you put a large double-sided board and past all the images. You can the best and awesome memory board.


Create a Photo/ Video Backdrop Area

You can use school colors, set up a pics backdrop part somewhere at the party where your guests can go and take photos of themselves and their best friends. You can also set up a video camera and record the all beautiful moments. You wish or a prediction for the future of your friends, or just tell why that person has been a special friend.

high school party ideas

Use School Colors and Mementos

Decorate your party with balloons, streamers, and tableware in your school colors. Don’t forget to include it in your decorating. Other school items that can make good decoration pieces are old trophies, yearbooks, and letterman jackets. You can a table centerpiece out of graduation caps and diplomas made from rolled up paper tied with red ribbon.

High School Party Ideas

Sports Themed

If your graduate played a sport throughout their high school vocation why not glass case that in his or her high school graduation party. When it comes to the sweet table at this sports themed party, add your grad’s sweater number to the cupcakes and you can even have a cake that is decorated with the sports that he or she played. Display case their letterman’s cover and other activities or awards they have made throughout their high school sports career. This sports themed grad party is perfect for the young player in your life.

Hight School Party Ideas


Dinner Party

Throwing a stylish backyard dinner party for your fresh grad is a great idea and can work for a guy or girl. Filled with bread to the future and wonderful cute table settings, this graduation party idea will leave your guests filled with yummy food and your alumna filled with a lot of pleasure. Add images of your grad and his or her year of graduation to the table settings.

Hight School Party Ideas

Colors & Graduating Year

Your young scholar is now a part of the graduating class of that year, show off the year all over the graduation party. To make the theme more uniform, you can also pick up party fundamentals in your grad’s beloved color or even the colors of the high school they are an exit.

High School Party Ideas

Congrats Grad Theme

This exciting grad party theme is all about high school graduation. Set up the party with high school colors as well as glass case the diploma and other awards that your graduate has gotten all over his or her high school career. Wrap the tables with a tablecloth and add confetti to the tops to spice up the party set up. You can find posters and balloons with “congrats grad” published on them to join this theme into the party even more.

High School Party Ideas

Picture Your Future

This grad party theme is a really fun way to enjoy yourself the past as well as look to the future. A “picture this” theme is an attractive way to glass case your young scholar’s high school occupation in photos. Glass case the exciting next steps for your graduate in photos as well. If they’ve decided on where to attend college, design photos of the college colors and symbol to hang around the party too.

High School Party Ideas

Tricks and Tips for High School Graduation Parties

  • Create a guest book that will allow guests to write a message to your teen. Words of wisdom, heartfelt advice, and words of inspiration can go a long way to helping your teen feel self-confident in the future.
  • Make a time capsule. Have each person bring something that has to do with their years in high school. Place this in a box and give it to someone for safekeeping until their 10-year reunion.
  • Sometimes, limited games can make the party a lot more entertaining. Play pin the mustachio on the teacher. Blow up a picture from the yearbook of one of the teachers, your teen will give you an idea of which one. Make mustaches out of cut-out black creation paper. Place tape on the back of each mustache. Then the game profits just like pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Past the name of a teacher on a sticky sticker. When a visitant comes in, stick it on their back. They have to ask other guests yes-or-no questions about the teacher and estimate who it is by the end of the night.



Super-simple to over-the-first sumptuous, refreshments will vary dependent on the time of day, a number of attendees, and your party low-priced. Then you can plan the graduation party for food.

  • Food bars have exchanged rocks as a popular way to serve teens and we have heard of families arranging tacos and fajita bars for dinner and made-to-order pancakes or omelets for brunch.
  • Consider signing food cars for the party. They take all the ingredients, prepare and serve dinner and drive the mess away afterward. Kids love this very trendy approach to eating.
  • If you want to avoid serving a meal at your party, plan one for the middle of the day and just have nibbles.
  • Cookies, cakes, and cupcakes are a big part of any graduation party. You can decorate with the colors of your grad’s high school, college or both. Baking these yourself is a work of love, but if you have a beloved bakery, take a look at Interest and collect ideas.


  • Booking an ice cream car to come to the party is regularly a huge hit for the grads. What’s a sweeter sound than that ringing announcing the arrival of ice cream?
  • If you plan to organize a big meal, go with regional favorites – barbecue or Chile in the southwest, clam bakes in the northeast, crawfish boil in the southeast.
  • Think about a supper with breakfast casseroles, lots of crispy bacon, pastries, and biscuits with varied jams, mini Quiche, juices, and lots of coffee.


  • Have heaps of bottled water iced down and willingly accessible, especially for very hot daytime events?
  • Go light on serving perishables like fruit salad, Cole slaw, and potato salad and select things that can be simple.  One mom said her family ate drawn pork leftovers all summer long.



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